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    Astorino Finds Support at Sullivan Co. Friends with Firearms Gun Festival

    Astorino Finds Support at Sullivan Co. Friends with Firearms Gun Festival - When Rob Astorino campaigns in rural upstate communities, he knows talk of repealing the New York Safe Act is like music to the electorate's ears. "What day do you want to repeal the NY SAFE Act because we are going to get rid of that thing," he said during a a campaign stop at Hannofee Park. The legislature would have to vote to repeal the law before any governor could take action. Though trailing in the polls, Astorino found a warm and welcoming crowd at the Sullivan County Friends with Firearms Gun Festival. "It turned regular citizens who are legal owners into criminals overnight," said Astorino.

    Remington Arms’ layoffs “not about politics,” Cuomo says

    Remington Arms’ layoffs “not about politics,” Cuomo says - Gov. Andrew Cuomo today dismissed criticism that Remington Arms, the Mohawk Valley gunmaker, has laid off workers in New York because of the state’s gun-control laws, saying the company is consolidating operations in Alabama from all around the country.  The Ilion, Herkimer County, gun manufacturer indicated Monday that it is laying off 105 workers in New York as part of its expansion in Alabama.  The company has been critical of New York’s SAFE Act, the gun-control law championed by Cuomo in January 2013.  “The layoffs at Remington Arms are a function of Remington moving to the state of Alabama and consolidating operations all across the country,” Cuomo told reporters today at the State Fair in Syracuse. “I know we tend to think we’re New York it must be about us. Sometimes it’s not about us.”

    New opportunities open up for hunters

    New opportunities open up for hunters - Legislation and regulations enacted in recent months has increased opportunities for hunters in the form of new hunting arms, more access to hunting lands and more liberal seasons for both deer and bear.  Perhaps the most historic of these is the inclusion of crossbows as a legal hunting weapon. In the past, except for two seasons, only severely disabled sportsmen were allowed to use crossbows. Now anyone 14 or older who is eligible to hunt can use a crossbow. When you sit around and listen to a discussion of senior citizens, a frequent topic is sore knees, hips and shoulders. Bowhunters in that category whose shoulder ailments no longer allow them to draw back on a bow might welcome the opportunity to continue their hunting with a crossbow.

    NRA launches ad campaign attacking Michael Bloomberg

    NRA launches ad campaign attacking Michael Bloomberg - The National Rifle Association is taking the unusual step of launching a multimillion-dollar ad campaign designed to turn Michael Bloomberg into a political bogeyman in this year's midterm elections, and beyond.  The group, which announced its plans Tuesday, will begin its efforts with a $500,000 TV ad buy attacking Bloomberg -- one of the most vocal gun control advocates in the country -- and not just on guns. It's a new tactic for a group that typically focuses its political efforts on supporting or opposing candidates for office. Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor, is not running for anything.

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